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#13: P's Profession(al) Stuff



I'd be grateful for your support on a few things.

"Rotary Dial" is a finalist for a music compilation featuring Des Moines artists. The end product goes to South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive and Music Festival in Austin, Texas, career fairs and recruitment events in and out of the state, and will be offered as a free download after the release. So... it's a nice opportunity to...uh...expose myself.

The finalists are posted at Voting ends TUESDAY, FEB 24 at midnight. The 12 songs with the most votes make the final cut of the mix. If the current number of plays listed are any indication, it's not looking so hot for me. So, I'd love some votes. And if you're inclined to share this with your buds: awesome.

Click here: Listen to some tunes in the playlist. Pick your 3 favorites (But dude. Hello. If mine isn't one of your top 3 favorites, could we just pretend?), scroll to the bottom. Vote.

Gross Domestic Product, a local music festival, is set for April 25. The community gets to vote in a few artists to perform. This would be very cool, also. But again, I could use some votes. Same routine as above.

Click here: Listen. Pick 3. (Pretend mine is your favorite.) Scroll to the bottom. Vote. Voting ends THURSDAY, FEB 26 at 5pm.

I'd still love to move these CDs and books. So if you've been meaning to purchase and haven't yet, now would be a great time! You can order hard copies HERE. Or you can download the music off of iTunes.


I had a really cool opportunity this past month. Band Bombshell launched a new cover song series. They asked 10 different area artists to cover the same song--including me. Each week, they'll post a different artist's take on the song and an interview. This time around, they chose "Golddigger" by Kanye West.


Hilarious, right?

Yeah, I thought so, too...until I actually started the process.

(I jest. It was still funny. Just in a real pain in the ass kind of way.)

At any rate, task completed. Here is my interview, a few charming photos from a booth at Jimmy John's on Valentine's Day, and my cover of "Golddigger" by Kanye West.


Life keeps changing and rearranging. I mentioned that in January. I wasn't kidding. In August, I go back to my career as a school psychologist. I have mixed feelings.

Feeling #1: Excitement.

What will it be like the second time around? I'm new and different now.

Feeling #2: Oh, shit.


Feeling #3: But what about music?

Will I still have time for it? I'll have to make time for it. I had one measurable goal 2 years ago when I started booking real gigs. I wanted to have a solid 3-hour set. And now I do. I have a solid 3-hour set of mostly original songs, and I don't even have to throw in a bunch of shitty fillers. (Only a few. Maybe listeners disagree. "No, Patresa, you have a lot of shitty fillers.") What if I stop practicing and I forget all of my music? What if 3 hours of songs gets buried in my work planner?

Feeling #4: Unidentified Weirdness

And then there is a cloudy brothy soup of just general weirdness that I don't know what to call or how to use. I will spend the next few months straining it through cheese cloth to see what's left.

Anyway, that's all I got.

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